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Brief introduction of Faeghe Farrokhpey, she is a front end developer


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Work Samples

Front end: html5, css3, js


Front end: html5, css3, React


Front end: html5, css3, React


Front end: html5, css3

Template Email

Front end: html, css, js
Front end: html, css

Template Email

Template Email

Front end: html5, css3, js


Front end: html5, css3, js

Front end: html5, css3, js


Front end: html5, css3, js


Front end: html5, css3, js


Front end: html5, css3, js

About Me

I’m a hard working and dedicated professional front-end developer/user interface designer with a keen eye for detail, and a determination to deliver the very highest quality. I take great pride in my work, and I always try to better myself with every project I work on.

I work to make a better web; one that is fast, easy to use, beautiful, accessible to all, and frustration-free. Regardless of your specific business requirements, in solving these challenges, you have a great chance of finding success online.

My main experience is in front-end development but I also have a passion for back end. Given that producing a modern website requires the combination of design, server technology, and the layer that users interacts with, I believe having experience in both front and back end allows for making the most optimal experiences.

I use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to produce responsive websites and web apps that provide users the best and most appropriate experience suited to their device and browser.

I like to write semantic, cross browser compatible code by hand that is re-useable, maintainable and easy to understand.

Building a future-proof and easy-to-maintain website is achieved by breaking down a web page into its smallest pieces, often called components, and building them in a way that exists outside the context of the design they first appear in.This allows for components that can be re-used in other areas of a website as it grows and makes the intention easier for other developers to understand and test.

This is a list of my foundational front-end development skills. I'm also familiar with many tools and frameworks that fall under these main categories.

I am also experienced in building systems that implement business logic and interact with server-side technology via APIs and tools such as React.


  • javascript(React)
  • Semantic HTML(5)
  • Responsive CSS(3)
  • Animation
  • Bootstrap
  • Multi-skilled

    I am primarily a front-end developer (expert in HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript) however, I am also experienced in Php and MySql, and I'm java developer.

  • Versatile

    I pride myself on being able to adapt to any situation that may arise during the lifespan of a project. I thrive under pressure and also look for solutions to difficult problems.

  • Dedicated

    I am diligent, conciencious and extremely dedicated to every task that I am given. It is of the utmost importance to me that my clients are satisfied by what I deliver.

  • Efficient

    I always explore ways of improving my efficiency, whether it’s using task automation tools such as GruntJS or simply being concise in communication.